My forearms are so sore and tired that even typing is uncomfortable.

My foot looks like a pillow due to swelling, the result of a direct hit to an elbow earlier this week.

I have back muscles that I didn't even know existed screaming from getting their ass kicked two days ago.

I've had a rough morning around the house and at work.

The thought of skipping the gym tonight crept into my mind for a split second.

It sure would be nice to sit on the couch tonight and watch TV. Or have a couple of drinks with my spouse. Or read a bit. Or maybe work in the garage.

This is when the gains come. These situations are where we as humans can either take the next step forward and continue creating a better self, or we can sit back, be comfortable and let the opportunities pass us by.

As quickly as the thought of skipping the gym tonight came, it has gone away. I'll be there tonight and I'll be enjoying every minute.