Discipline, discipline, discipline! That is all you need to hit your wellness goals. So easy right?

The more time that goes by, the more I realize that discipline is what is going to make me who I want to be. The workouts, nutrition, mental attitude? Those are all byproducts, they are worthless without discipline.

I have a choice: do I have that soda filled with sugar and calories, or do I have that horrible tasting fizzy water with no sugar and zero calories? Discipline is what makes me grab the horrible tasting fizzy water. Discipline is what makes me grab the horrible tasting fizzy water EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not just a few times a week, or when I feel like it... EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Discipline is what gets me jogging on the days that I told myself I would (off days from the gym), even when it is a shitty day or the weather isn't playing nice.

Discipline is what reminds me to avoid that negative self-talk. Don't let it creep in. That isn't part of the plan so it needs to go. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Discipline is what allows me to step-back and analyze the situation when negative self-talk DOES creep in. Discipline is what gets me re-focused and back on track.

Every day we are presented with hundreds of choices and options. Being disciplined is what allows us to make the correct choice. Not occasionally, but every single time.

This can be incredibly hard, I know it is for me. It is easy to convince yourself “you did good all week, it is ok to stray a bit at dinner tonight” or “it is just one ____, how bad can it be?“. You can't though, as soon as you start going down that path you've opened the doors. As with most mental things, it is all about repetition and routine. You can do fantastic with your choices for __ days, but as soon as you stray, you've un-done all of that work and you are now back to square one. When I say “work”, I mean the mental work, the discipline. Is having a single donut on Sunday morning going to totally derail your weight? Probably not, but what it will do is allow your mind to go back to that undisciplined place again later. You've invited it in, and now you can't get it to leave.

“I had a donut last week and nothing happened, I'll be fine having this ice cream tonight”

“I had a long walk yesterday, it won't be the end of the world if I skip jogging today”

Full on, 100% self-sabotaging behavior. Little slips like this snowball and become bigger issues.

It is so simple, just one thing (discipline) to master and everything else will come. This isn't rocket science, it is the same thing people have been saying for years, but that doesn't mean it is easy.