Every Little Thing

As I come up-to-speed with the basics of muay thai, one thing that keeps jumping out at me is just how much of a difference little things can make. Kru does a great job of getting us to slow down and focus on a lot of these foundational things, and I feel like right now, that is one of my biggest challenges. Being able to take all of these “no duh” type things (as in “oh yeah, that makes total sense, why wasn't I doing that before?”) and putting them into action is something I am constantly working on. Honestly, it is a continuous struggle to avoid just striking based on my natural movement vs using the movements kru is showing.

An example of this came up last class. The drill was simple: jab (or jab, cross) followed by a kick. Going through the drill I'm feeling ok and trying to put into place things that kru had previously (many times ha!) reminded me of. Kru stops by and observes a few strikes, and in his usual friendly tone says “may I show you something?”. He then demonstrates the same drill, but when he is punching, he is coming up on the ball/toes of his front foot. He asks me to try, and I notice immediately an increase in power. He then demonstrates again, but this time he adds the kick in (vs just the punch) and explains how coming up on the ball/toes not only increases the power for the punches, but it also sets up your front foot for the proper motion for the kick you're going to release right after the punch. I give it a go and I honestly probably just started smiling because he was 100% correct. I went from feeling very robotic and kind of stiff, to feeling much more fluid in the movements.

I am starting to realize why people train in these kinds of disciplines for years and years.