As I work on becoming a better person, I am constantly working on being grateful. I don't mean grateful in the sense of “every day above ground is a good on”, but more along the lines of every day I am given the opportunity to improve myself. It is really hard for me to try and take all of these perceived negatives and turn them into positives, but that is exactly the kind of work that I need.

We all have shitty parts of our day, but how we react to those moments is where gains can be made. I am constantly working to help myself realize and understand that these annoyances or inconveniences are opportunities for growth. Just like with physical exercise, the biggest gains typically come during the most uncomfortable moments.

I am working on being grateful for the opportunities to improve, refine and refocus my mindset that I am presented with on a daily basis. Reshaping anger or frustration into something more positive is not easy, at least for me, but until I can do that, everything else is worthless. Being fit and healthy only goes so far if your mind is unhealthy.