It really is that simple

I haven't been writing much. Life has been less than ideal and a bit hectic recently, and honestly, I just haven't felt like writing, so this will be a short one.

Nothing I'm discovering (and sharing) is new, tons of people before us figured things out a long time ago. The trick is taking what they learned and applying it to your life.

One lesson that has stood out to to me has been something I've known since I was in grade school: follow your conscience. Outside of those dealing with mental health issues (which can make your conscience not really yours), I think this one rule can provide the biggest change to a person's life when it comes to wellness. I'm not looking to pontificate on good/bad outside of the realm of wellness.

I know I shouldn't have eaten that shitty meal. I knew it before I did it, and I felt bad about it after. My conscience was telling me the whole time, I just needed to listen.

On days I don't exercise I feel guilty, I feel like I've let myself down. That is my conscience letting me know I screwed up. It was telling me that morning “get that exercise in”, and I willingly ignored it.

Think about it, are you really happy after you've done something unhealthy? Probably not. Just listen to your conscience when those moments come up and it is time to make a decision.

I also realize just how hard that can be, trust me, as I mentioned before, it is something I deal with frequently. If it was easy, we wouldn't have an entire fitness industry overflowing with workout gurus, trendy diet fads and magic pills to help you get fit. But as someone going through it I will tell you, the feeling of making the right decision, and then making it again, and again? It is a fantastic feeling. The pride and feeling of accomplishment you gain each time you make that right decision can really snowball. The feeling you get when you realize that you can show restraint is amazing and a fantastic self-esteem builder.