One Month In

As of today, I've been officially training in muay thai for a month, which comes out to ten classes. Outside of missing one class for a mother's day event, I've attended every class since my first trial class.

I used this small milestone as an opportunity to assess what, if anything, has changed since I started. To start with, my body shape/composition has certainly changed enough for me to notice. A lot of the “baby fat” I had hanging around (face, arms, love handles) has receded, which I find interesting as my weight has not really changed a lot. I've also noticed my energy level has increased quite a bit. There are times where it almost feels like my muscles are... itching. It feels like they just want to do SOMETHING which is new to me. There are other minor things as well, like my flexibility increasing and my cardio endurance improving, but given that the class I'm in doesn't focus a ton on cardio (that happens in the next class up), it hasn't been a drastic change. Overall I would say that my body is coming back to what you could probably call a normal baseline.

I am the type of person who when I start something, I tend to go into it 100%, full-time on the fringe of obsession. I have purposefully tried to avoid doing that with muay thai, as I am trying to pace myself and avoid something like a 6 or 12 month burnout. I have told myself (many times) that I am not moving up in classes until I've mastered the fundamentals, so I anticipate that some of pure fitness benefits from muay thai might not show-up for awhile, and that is something I have to be ok with. As the saying goes, this is a marathon, not a sprint, and that thinking is something I need to remind myself of on an almost daily basis.

Just because I'm not doing a ton of cardio in class doesn't mean I'm not working on it though. Outside of our daily walks, my wife and I have started jogging, so I've been trying to get a few 1.5-2 mile jogs in during the week. It is pretty standard in muay thai to start your training session off with a 5k jog, so my goal before moving up to the next level class is to get to the point where I can knock out a 5k without too much effort.