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When I made the decision to start taking better care of myself and focus on my overall wellness, one of the first things I did was have a heart-to-heart with myself to really understand what I needed to do in order to be successful with this. One thing I know about myself, is that I tend to have more success when I'm given a job vs me going out and finding something to do. While this might not be ideal, and it is certainly something I can work on, it is how I am wired currently and there is no sense in trying to change it right now.

One of the great things so far about starting muay thai is that I am genuinely excited for every class. I am at a stage where everything is new to me, so each class offers an opportunity to learn. Each day I come to class, there is a job (ok, many jobs) waiting for me. It might be a job I've done previously, but one that still needs to be done and perfected which means I have work to do.

Today's class was a blast! This was my 3rd class, and for the first time I felt as if the pressure in the fire hose of knowledge had been turned down just a hair. I am still totally overwhelmed most of the time, and spend a lot of my time robotically going through the various movements, but by the end of class today, I felt like a few things were starting to “click”.

Kru is always showing us how important our stance and hips are, which for me has been a bit of a problem area. I haven't done any kind of martial arts since I was a child, but those old techniques have somehow survived over the years, and unfortunately, have been coming back at the wrong time. I commonly fall back to more of a boxing/taekwondo stance which ends up putting me in a bad spot from the start. I have found out firsthand that trying to use proper muay thai technique from an improper muay thai stance leads to less-than-ideal results.

In today's class, I was again being reminded to focus on my stance and how I was driving off of my legs (I have a tendency to be too low and have too wide of a stance) and by the end, I felt like things were starting to come together! We worked our way through various combos, ending with our partners either calling for a 1 –> elbow –> knee –> teep, or a 1-2 –> elbow –> switch stance –> knee –> teep. It wasn't until after drills were over that I realized that a lot of my strikes during the last round were coming out a lot less robotic. During the drills, I could actually feel my body positioning itself correctly to throw strikes effectively as possible. I could feel my hips loading up for the upcoming motion and the additional power that was generated was certainly noticeable.

Another area that I think took a step forward today was my breathing. I had not been focusing on this at all during the previous classes, and I knew it was something that was going to come back to bite me in the ass. Luckily, today both kru and my partner made a point to call this out to me. I started to make it a point to exhale on every strike, and it turns out that these folks know what they are talking about ;). Right away I could feel the difference and while I don't have any data to support it, I felt less winded by the end of our drills.

If the fire hose pressure was at 100% during my previous classes, I would say today it was more like 98%. In only my 3rd class I obviously have A LONG way to go, but days like today where you can walk away and feel like progress has been made are always nice.

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