As much as I would like to be at the gym every single day, it isn't something that is possible right now. So as a way to get some additional “training”, I try to watch one or two muay thai fights a day.

One of the first things that caught my attention when I started watching old fights was how much apparent respect existed between each corner. As an example, it is a custom/tradition that each fighter is offered a drink of water from their opponent's corner at the end of the fight. So you just spent 15 minutes (5 rounds, 3 minutes each) beating the shit out of your opponent, and now the opponent's trainer/kru/corner person is offering you some water. Crazy right?

From what I've seen and read, it is very common to see fighters embrace or give a tap of the gloves to their opponent after every round, not just at the end of a fight. You will frequently see one fighter check on the health of the their opponent after a KO or a TKO. There is almost zero trash talk between fighters. As someone who lives in the USA where MMA and boxing are the main fighting sports, it is incredibly refreshing to see two people just go to work and do their job. No drama, no horrible takes on social media and most of all, no huge egos.

It is typically edited out of the videos (the routine can last for a bit), but before a fight even starts, the fighters will typically perform their wai kru ram muay which is a way to show respect to various people (kru, opponent, authoritative figures, etc).